The group started with its flagship magazine 'The Ply Reporter' from 1st January, 2001 precisely.

In a decade, it took the shape of a group with the inclusion of Promotions chapter, the Bigsea Market Research and the introduction of magazines like Surfaces Reporter and Paati, also publications of various books & periodicals.



Bigsea Promotions is into multifarious promotional activities

from various Events, to websites/portals, to various creative ideas and films.

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"Data at your finger tips!"

Research is the core strength of the group and most of our work is based on it. Bigsea Market Research (BSMR) is specialized in fields of Building materials, specially in Timber, Ceramics, Woodpanel, Decorative surfaces, and others. The BSMR team is adept at maintaining the privacy of both the client and the respondents.

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Welcome to Big Sea Marcom (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Big Sea Marcom (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized group, focused in the Interior Infrastructure Industry of India.

It embodies a well-organized and dedicated group of professionals working nationwide for publication, technical and statistical analysis, advertising and promotions, consultations and documentary films.


Surfaces Reporter

June 2016

Ply Reporter

June 2016