"Together we work, together we play, together we pray" - Team Bigsea Marcom


Making fun and enjoyment a part of your work culture can drastically impact how you feel about going to work, how you behave when you’re there, how you interact with others, and how well you perform.

Happy people are more motivated and engaged. When people have fun and enjoy what they do, they are more motivated to work harder and to put forth their best effort.

People who love what they do are passionate and dedicated. When you love something, you want to be immersed in it as much as possible because you find great purpose and meaning in the work.

The Bigsea Marcom team had celebrated few annual festivals together to boost the culture of team building.


It is an annual ritual for Bigsea Marcom Team to wear traditional dresses during Saraswati Puja to celebrating the goddess of knowledge & wisdom. Everyone come to the office early to arrange the festive area and decorate. We do not work that day. After Puja and lunch, Team usually plays cricket or watch a movie together.



Similarly, Holi is celebrated enthusiastically in Bigsea. With 2 days of holidays, the day before Holi is a half day of joy with colours. The team prepares special drink and arrange snacks & colours. The best part is to have the presence of the team from all the offices.


Shiv Raatri

Shiv Raatri is celebrated with 24 hours of “Akhhand Ramayan paathh” followed by Maha Mritunjay, finally, special lunch is served to all. This is the time when team members come along with their families and get to know each other more closely.


We also believe that the occasional workplace celebration motivates some employees at the office. Seeing others receive recognition or being recognized personally encourages an employee to continue working hard. This increases the chances of being recognized at a future workplace celebration. The break from the monotony of the workday helps recharge your employees, so they are more focused and better able to tackle projects when they return to work.