Special 100 Designs from Milan by Surfaces Reporter

Special 100 Designs from Milan by Surfaces Reporter

The squad behind iSaloni, Milan was incredible, and they have put up a great show altogether, as always. An event which saw 1841 exhibitors, a flood of 4, 34,509 attendees from 188 countries in 6 days – don’t the stats widen the eyes? They surely do.

It’s been 4 years that Surfaces Reporter has been attending Salone Del Mobile, Milan and as usual, 2018 too was absolutely an exhaustive, yet a refreshing and edifying affair. Surfaces Reporter feels proud to be the 1st print media in the world to have covered a global design event to this extent of 4 times in a row with 100 designs each time!

Surfaces Reporter’s Vertica Dvivedi and Madhurima clicked around 3000 photos this year whilst about 500 more designs poured down from designers who participated in the show. In recent Milan Design Week, Surfaces Reporter saw creations which were unified, unique and with ultra-technology inclusions to create soothing experiences – Google’s Softwear and Panasonic Air amazed all. There was a visible section of futuristic geniuses, whose designs were centred around fitness, wellness, and good living. It was so pleasing to share a moment of cappuccino with International Designers Karim Rashid, Marco Kosta of Boca Do Lobo and many other industry peers from different countries.

Visiting the design event and covering the best of it has always been an overwhelming & passionate experience. Doing it through the lenses makes the process even more intense! Post that, the compilation and selection is definitely an extremely tedious job. It takes several rounds of checking, inspection, comparison, studying and researching to arrive at about 300 designs. Work is tougher from this point up to the output of final 100 Designs. However, we enjoyed doing it for our discerned readers who continue to motivate us with their messages and posts.

#SR100DesignsFromMilan2018 is a special issue documented in the printed issue of Surfaces Reporter magazine June 2018 edition. It covers selected designs from the collection of Surfaces Reporter’s photography as well as the ones received from some international brands & designers. Enjoy the collection and do write to us about your views about the issue at

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